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IQ-element (IQ-)лемент) puzzle
BONDIBON IQ-Focus puzzle
49 GEL
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Leonardo da Vinci's "Bearings" (Da Vinci's Ball Bearings Puzzle) puzzle
Labyrinth (Labyrinth) puzzle
BONDIBON IQ-Stars puzzle
49 GEL
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Great Minds. Great Minds Set of 8 Puzzle
The Great Road with the Dragon (Great road with the Dragon) puzzle
Great Minds. Aristotle's Numbers (Great Minds Aristotle's Number Puzzle) puzzle
Magnetic game smart ducks (Умные утки) puzzle
Magnetic game Tangos. Animals (Магнитная игра Тангос Жиботные) puzzle
Color code (Цветовой код) puzzle
Operation "Detention" (Опеция Перехват) puzzle
Magnetic game of tango. Magic Forest (Magnetic game Тангос Волшебнын лес) puzzle
Isaac Newton Gravity Defying Puzzle by Isaac Newton
Benjamin Franklin's "Franklin's Key Puzzle" puzzle
Einstein Fish Puzzle Einstein Fish Puzzle

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