We are a company that specializes in two, at first glance, completely different directions: development and entertainment. But, let us agree, there are no effective lessons unless we turn to more active, creative forms of study in a particular field than reading and memorizing. Conversely, it is the best form of entertainment - one that, along with positive emotions, imparts knowledge and develops various abilities.

The main direction of our company is - board games. The ever-growing range of products will meet any of your requirements! Here is a logical series of "Smart Games" and classic detective games, serious strategies, cognitive "knowledge boxes" and just entertaining games for noisy companies. " We know how to entertain people of any age!

However, our goal is not only to spread board games, but also to adapt them to the Georgian language. We have already managed to translate two bestsellers - "Basing" and "Imaginarium", and, of course, we do not stop there, our company plans to constantly update the list of games in Russian and English, then translate the most popular and popular games into Georgian.

In addition to games, we are pleased to offer "live" constructors of the company "UGEARS". Unique 3D models are very popular on 5 continents, and represent a magical fusion of wood and classic mechanics. Pick up models and move them with a simple touch of your hand! 


 Enter the magical world of discovery through OxGenKids' fun experiments! Small sets of chemical experiments include all the necessary materials and instructions available for children from 6 years. Can the solution itself change different colors? How is DNA extracted? Can the bubble swell so that it does not even touch it? The answers are in front of you!

 Another great story for news lovers. From now on you can buy posters of the most inspiring movies, favorite characters and legends of the music industry. Enjoy their ears every day!


 The second direction of our store is early development methods. These products are presented by our regular partner company "Umnitsa", which for 18 years has been designing and producing joint kits with "Skylark" British specialists. With the unique program of this company, you can develop the unlimited potential of your little one at birth, in any direction. Teaching through kits is simple, effective and convenient, because everything is calculated and thought out in order to get the maximum result, and you do all this in a fun, game mode.

In addition to being the official representatives of "Умница-Skylark" in Georgia, we have the exclusive right to translate and adapt products into Georgian. Our undisputed bestseller is the "100 Games" series that develops logic and imagination in children from 3 to 7 years old.

The employees of our company have successfully passed the training course, are certified and success-oriented young people, who will be happy to help you at any time to choose a set for your little one or a game for any company!