Mstiteli. Final. Битва С Таносом Board game

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"Avengers. Final. Fight with Thanos" (Мстили. Финал. Битва С Таносом) - is a bank board game in the world of Marvel, where 3-5 players fight the most powerful villain in history. Controlling the character of one of the heroes of the board game, you will have to fight with opponents of different strengths in the game. "The Avengers. The Final. The Battle of Thanos" (Mstiteli. Final. Bitva S. Tanosom) You have to make one contribution per clash. What will be the contribution? Is it better to gather strength for a stronger enemy or to fight with maximum force now? Players will receive victory tokens only by defeating enemies, even those who contribute the least. Heroic pathos is also needed!
Age: 9+
Minimum number of players: 3
Maximum number of players: 5
Game Length: 20+

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