Gorgasali Battle Royale board game

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Gorgasali Battle Royale is a Georgian role-playing board game based mainly on the concept of Royal Battle. The story of the game is fictional, and the game mechanics - completely unique. Start the game from the sector and enter the map through the gate. Scroll through the map and try to open the boxes to collect the cards needed for the fight. Engage in battle with an opponent to knock him out of the game and earn his own cards. Better strength cards give you a better chance of winning. Be careful to reduce the zone, because with the game, you have less space to move without damage. To win the game you must be the only surviving player on the map.
     Once upon a time Gorgasali, the king of kings, united the ten kingdoms under a single rule. He was the first leader who managed to bring peace and harmony to all ten kingdoms. Who lived in the agony and constant chaos of it. Gorgasali was the most powerful man to ever cross the Elbrus, whose abilities dominated the world's greatest warriors. Thanks to his almighty power, no one dared to question his power. No matter how surprising it may be, King Gorgasali began to liberate his subjects from his fortress. Within two months he had relieved them of their duty and ordered them never to return. For a long time King Gorgasali was nowhere to be seen, people started thinking that he had left the throne. As time went on, tensions between the kingdoms increased, with the absence of a single ruler; Dynasties restored old influence and the world began to change. The kingdoms found themselves in chaos, they began to fight through immoral acts of violence. Because there was no liability for harm to each other, crime became a natural state. Anarchy spread throughout the world of this kingdom as it was known until its end. No place on Embrus was safe and civilization was on the verge of extinction. Outstanding members of all kingdoms set up a council of elders to find a way out and restore a long-forgotten peaceful time. It was decided to epic the sole ruler adorned with undoubted dignity in order to replace the king of kings and restore balance. A royal battle was declared. All ten kingdoms brought out the best warriors who would fight on the land of Gorgasali in order to obtain the crown of King Gorgasali. Saki: 10+ Minimum number of players: 2 Maximum number of players: 10 Game length: 40-180

Available to add: Hidden Momglos

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