Marvel Legendary Vs System Marvel Set Board Game

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Marvel Legendary Vs System Marvel Set - is a collectible bank board game where 2 players create stacks of characters, story and locations to destroy an opponent. Each game is issued with a full set of card stacks, so everything you need for a perfect game is already in the box!
Marvel Legendary Vs System In the Marvel Set board game, players choose the main character, collect exactly 60 cards, and try to win another player in a superhero battle game. The first set - Vs System 2PCG: The Marvel Battles - contains only Marvel characters, but the future set may add other IPs.
Marvel Legendary Vs System The Marvel Set board game is superficially similar to the original. The system is a collectible card game, but it is a completely redesigned game that draws inspiration from the original. The battle in the strategy game has been simplified, the turnover structure is different, the resource system has been updated and the game is no longer collected, instead the cards are issued in a non-random format. One box contains the complete set of all cards (200 pieces)
Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 2
Game Length: 30+

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