Алхимик Из Гластонбери Board game


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They say nice game "In Glanstonber(Alchemist of Glastonbury) Even a seven-year-old will learn to cook them! However, it is possible for adults to learn how to cook bangs better. This is a good and quiet game for the whole family with a small share of excitement and rivalry. Secret Ingredients, Magic Spells, Family Recipes and Lady Luck in Alhimik Iz Glastonber. let's go!
Алхимик Из Гластонбери Board game contains:
  • 72 cards with ingredients,
  • 2 cards with magic powder,
  • 10 cards with spells,
  • 4 corner cards with arrows,
  • 4 cards with boilers,
  • 4 card-hint (dictate) to count points,
  • 10 cards with recipes,
  • 4 wooden senses figure, rules of the game.

Age: 6+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 4
Game Length: 30+


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