Andorra. Последняя Надежда Board game

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Andorra. Последняя Надежда Returning to the Far North in a board game, the heroes discover the Kingdom of Andorra destroyed by an army of skeletons from the south. Most of the population was kidnapped and enslaved. Heroes - the last hope of the kingdom. In this magical country of the board game you are waiting for you to fight the bloodthirsty monsters and win. You will have to travel to amazing places, find hidden treasures. Fight the villains that hinder the conscientious inhabitants of the kingdom. Adventure through enchanted forests will take you to a gloomy mysterious underground. Each hero of Andorra is unique. Each of them is a superhero! Andorra. Последняя Надежда In the board game you too can become a hero! Fight, do not give up! Be the best member of the team on the road to victory! The magical kingdom of King of Andorra is at your fingertips!

Age: 9+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 4
Game Length: 60+


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