Вокруг Света За 80 Дней Board game

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As in Jules Verne's famous story about an incredible bet at a London club in the early 20th century, gamblers take a bet: who will be able to travel the world from London in 80 days Вокруг Света За 80 Дней board game?

Вокруг Света За 80 Дней Board game players will have to travel around the world for as few days as possible. To do this, players will use travel cards that allow you to move both by land and sea. At the same time, the ambitious detective of the board game tries to hinder the travelers, which often confuses all their plans. But often surprising and unexpected events create new opportunities for travelers.

Age: 10+
Minimum number of players: 3
Maximum number of players: 6
Game Length: 30+

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