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Board game

The game "Bazinga" - is the explanation of words in different ways, which creates a completely new era in this genre. The main principle of the game is as follows: in the course of it, pairs are formed who understand each other better. The winner of the game is the couple. Unlike these types of games, all players are involved in basing continuously, which creates more interest and fierce competition. Each player chooses the desired method of word explanation and its complexity through a defined algorithm, which ensures complete freedom of action and strategy.


1. Rules of the game;

2. 3 stacks of playing cards (72 cards in each stack) according to the difficulties - simple, difficult and difficult;

3. 30 pieces of assignment card;

4. Hourglass;

5. 36 pieces of token method explanation;

6. 6 pieces of personal card of different colors;

7. 15 pieces are two colors.


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