Улей Карбон Board game

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Улей Карбон is one of the most famous strategy board games in the world.
First of all, this is a logical duel game, easy to learn, but boundless in perfecting your knowledge. The game is not abstract, so it is liked by both children and adults. In this board game we control different insects in bees. The task of the players is simple - with the help of different figures of insects surround the enemy queen, and all the figures move in different ways. Sounds like chess, right? But there are also very interesting differences.
Улей Карбон In the board game you do not need a playing field, you can play on literally any surface. Secondly, the starting position of the pieces will change from game to game, giving the game a variety. Third, the insect figures are made with a nice touch in the form of hexagonal tiles - hex. This form is due to the name of the board game and some interesting rules that we will discuss below.
Age: 9+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 2
Game Length: 15+

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