Model "Motorcycle VM-02" (Bike VM-02)

UGEARSCode: 7750010

96 GEL


There comes a moment in every real man’s life when the way he calls it. It's a time of heavy music, a time of freedom - a time in which you are the only one, a smooth track and a dedicated bike. In such moments a very special, rebellious mood swirls around you and the new VM-02 motorcycle has become its symbol!

This set of wooden constructions from UGEARS is very cool. No, not at all: he's just on the roof! We have brought you a real chopper - hard, strong and ready for any challenge. Under the hood of this monster hides one of the best UGEARS rubber engines: the model accelerates confidently, perfectly maintains its course and works up to 3 meters on a single charge - the features for the 3D puzzle are amazing.

Model size: 26x8.4x10.5 cm

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