After Zhelchku! Мертвый Сезон Board game

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After Zhelchku! A real zombie apocalypse on your table in the Dead Season! Lots of scenery, post-apocalyptic atmosphere, resources, medicines, an army of the dead and a fight for survival in the desk strategy "Dead of Winter: Flick em Up!"

After Zhelchku! Мертвый Сезон The board game table has decorations: cardboard machines and buildings, plastic boxes, a zombie tower made of cardboard, as well as survivors and zombie peaks. The tasks are varied - escaping from the city, collecting resources, finding other survivors, finding a colony, and so on. In the first five scenarios, all the players are tied together and then they start playing against each other. To add spice to the board game, the latest scripts offer a concept of the traitor's goals: now no one is sure what the outcome will be for his teammate.

Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 10
Game Length: 30+


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