Cluedo 2018 board game

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Cluedo 2018 - a classic detective board game. 2018 reprint.
Observation and originality should become your indispensable allies in this game, because the tricks and bluffs of other players will not be easy to guess!
At the Cluedo 2018 board game, guests gathered at a party in honor of the palace owner's thirtieth birthday. It turned out terribly for everyone that the hero of the accident was killed! During the game you have to find out who and where and in what way committed the crime! Whoever first guesses which of the character's cards, as well as the murder weapon and the rooms in the black envelope, is declared the winner.
A new version of the Cluedo 2018 board game is added to the sixth suspect - Dr. Orcid. He is brilliant, mysterious and ambitious. Do you know if he is prone to criminal activities?
Cluedo game develops intuition and deduction skills, teaches the development of logical chains.

Cluedo 2018 board game includes:
6 chips
6 figures of the weapon of crime
50 cards
6 character cards
6 cards of criminal tools
9 room card
29 Evidence Cards
Envelope of case materials
2 dice
Rules of the game

Age: 8+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 6
Game Length: 30+

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