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Crocodile - one of the most fun and wonderful board games, which became the basis for such hits as "Activity", "Boom" and many others.



Now "Crocodile" (Crocodile) was first published in the form of a box. Unlike the verbal "crocodile", there are many interesting rules and assignments that will help you to combine the party, the holiday in a wonderful way.



Крокодил Board game Let's start with the task card.



The card shows the usual objects, actions, complex abstractions, names and complete phrases. Each of these categories has a different amount of points: for example, the appearance of the subject is very simple, and the parable - almost unreal in the game without experience.

How to play in game Крокодил Board game:

Divide into teams: any number of people can play (as much as can fit in a room or cafe hall); He had to pick up the cards and explain the words on them with gestures. You are given one minute per move. The more words you guess, the better. Use special cards in the crucial moments of the game.

"In the crocodile" (Crocodile) There are special U-cards that can be displayed before the player begins to explain. All these cards help to make the game fun, noisy and very, very cool. In a word - superficial for parties.

Крокодил Board game contains:

  • 200 cards in words. Each - 10-10 tasks or a total of 2000 words and word agreement in the game.
  • 36 Complication Card.
  • Hourglass to determine the game time per move.
  • Complete game rules, which after the last "simple" version may seem quite non-trivial.
  • Reporting table (it is easy to mark it with a marker and delete it after the game).
  • Marker for records.
  • Rules of the game.

Age: 9+
Minimum number of players: 4
Maximum number of players: 12 
Game Length: 60+















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