Dead Season. Долгая Ночь Board game

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Dead season. Long Night "(Мертвый Сезон. Долгая Ночь) is an independent addition to the board game" Dead Season ". Dead Season. Долгая Ночь Board game can be played separately or in combination with the previous game. 

Dead Season. Долгая Ночь In a board game each battle with a mutant will be unique and more difficult than a battle with an ordinary sultan. You can, of course, avoid such encounters, but for this you need to spend action dice to change the criteria in the Rexon complex.

Dead Season. Долгая Ночь Board game has acquired story scenarios. The first of these is designed for a more cooperative passage and tells the story of Rexon’s lab, while the second will offer the player a plot with a traitor and an emphasis on the bandit faction.

All this and many other nice little things that make the game more interesting, are waiting for you Mertvy Season. Долгая Ночь Board game box!

Age: 16+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 5 
Game Length: 60+

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