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Déjà Vu In a board game forgetting what you saw just seconds ago is one thing; Remembering what has never been the opposite is an opposite experience. Both of these senses gather in Deja Vu, with players responding to the cards as they move to catch repetitive items.

In more detail, in Déjà Vu board game, 36 object tiles are spread around the deck of cards. These objects are depicted on each card exactly twice on the deck. The cards on the deck are revealed one by one, and if you think an object has appeared on the card before, you can take the tile of the corresponding object and place it in front of you. Are you sure about what you saw? You will have better hope, because if the newly discovered card matches the tile of the object in front of you - and the opponent fixes the tile in time and recognizes your false memory - then you are no longer in the rest of the round.

In the Déjà Vu board game, as soon as the deck is assembled, players will receive points for the items collected. A total of three rounds are played and each subsequent round player may find it difficult to remember exactly what they saw. Has the object been shown before, or am I thinking about the previous round? Whoever accumulates more points after three rounds, will win!

Age: 8+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 6
Game Length: 15+



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