Exit. Заброшенный Дом Board game

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Exit. Заброшенный Дом If not for the car wreck in the board game, we would never have stayed overnight in this abandoned house! Sure, it would have been possible to call a truck, but for some reason the cell phone is not working here. Well, somehow we will spend the night ... what the hell is this ?! It's morning, but we can not get out of here! The door is locked with a code lock, there are metal bars on the windows! It looks like someone decided to play the game. We have no other choice, we have to accept the challenge ... 

Board game Exit. Заброшенный Дом Invites players into an atmosphere of mystery of fear and uncertainty. You have to use your ingenuity, creativity and deduction to solve puzzles and riddles together, solve codes. Hurry to open the dungeon until the owner of this strange and boring house returns!

Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 6
Game Length: 60+  


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