Exit. Полярная Станция Board game

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Exit. Полярная Станция is the most popular series of desk quests. In this version you will have to escape from the polar station. Will you be able to get out of this trap in just one hour? 

The board game is a lost research station somewhere among the white deserts. But the alarm went off and all the employees were evacuated, the station was closed. Although there is still a chance to escape in the board game, but time is against you - if you stay at the station for more than an hour, you will have to stay for another 10-15 years. In order to escape, you need a special code, which you can find if you look carefully at the game rooms and elements, it will definitely be hidden somewhere. 

Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 4
Game Length: 60+


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