Взрывные Котята Board game

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"Explosive Kittens" (Взрывные Котята) is a sensational banking board game. Взрывные Котята Board game is very easy to learn and has a unique design, you will really love these beautiful hand-painted kittens!

Взрывные Котята Board game offers fast and dynamic gameplay, where you have to assess the risks. The game vaguely reminds us of its principle of "Russian roulette" - players in turn take the cards on the deck, and if they encounter any explosive cat, it immediately explodes and is out of the game! To avoid this you can use different cards or even combinations of them.

Взрывные Котята is a very fun, unusual and fun board game for real cat lovers and simple and dynamic board games for lovers.

Age: 10+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 5
Game Length: 15+

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