Престолов: Десница Короля Board game

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Игра Престолов: Десница Короля Board game King of Westeros invites his vassals to King's Landing! He needs a new right - now the rulers of the seven kingdoms are ready to conspire and form alliances to fight for the post of second person in this state. On whose side will conquer the main intrigue of the capital - Varis, nicknamed Spider, will master the whispers?

Игра Престолов: Десница Короля In a board game you will enter an exciting and dynamic battle for power over Westeros. You have to win the "Royal Door Games" - no other choice is a good result. In the board game, calculate your steps forward and find the support of the Lannisters, Stark and Westeros other big houses to choose the right hand of the king!

Игра Престолов: Десница Короля Board game contains:

35 Character Card
Map of 1 Varis
14 cards of the Allies
7 banner sign
4 signs of three-eyed blossoms
Rules of the game

Age: 15+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 4
Game Length: 30+


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