Туманность Ежа Board game

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In front of you is a board game for all ages Туманность Ежа on space, planning, accurate calculations of movement and relations with aliens. Туманность Ежа In the board game you will have to become a brave astronaut: beaver, bear, fox and rabbit. Friends must help the hedgehog to escape from the implant where he failed. The player who is the first to reach the hedgehog rocket with the winning materials will rename the game "Snake Nebula" in the "Hedgehog Nebula".
Туманность Ежа Board game includes:

• Map-cell of the planet where the hedgehog failed;
• 4 runway cells from which hedgehog friends take off.
• 4 figures of characters: rabbit, beaver, fox, bear;
• 80 motion cards with arrows;
• 20 space vacuum cleaner cards;
• 19 asteroid cells;
• 44 open space cells;
• 8 alien cells;
• 5 cosmic dust cells;
• 8 progress bilateral hedgehog cards;
• Rules of the game.
Age: 3+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 4
Game Length: 15+

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