Дорогая, Я В Гараж Board game

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Despite the name of the game, Дорогая, Я В Гараж is not necessarily about how the husband tries to avoid the case, but rather, the game is about the harmonious distribution of the spouse's duties and their personal schedule. A fun, funny and very positive game will have to be mixed, both for family gatherings and friendly evenings. Дорогая, Я В Гараж In the board game In addition, you can discuss who likes to do what in your couple, what you do effectively and what you force. After this game you can even review your life together and change it for the better.

Дорогая, Я В Гараж Board game includes: 
• 6-player tablet for busy capture tokens
• 7 types of 200 arrest tokens
• 72 case file
• Rules of the game

Age: 6+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 6 
Game Length: 15+

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