Сундучок Знаний "В Мире Жиботных" board game

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70 animals in one basket!

I argue, do you not even know about the existence of an animal trumpet? Onagr, giant giant, sub-Saharan posh to the unknown for you? With another hundred, who did not listen to the king of the beasts - the lion, who did not admire the fast cheetahs, the beautiful last year, the tolerance of the blind and the power of the elephants… Do you think, what do you know about all your life?

The way you play "In the world of animals", you realize how many amazing and interesting facts I do not know! I was sick and no one listened to me. In card games, children know a lot of details about where they live, or where they live, what their average life expectancy is, and all of them are interesting, unusual and attractive to their favorite animals.

It was hard to find a child who did not love animals. Give them something natural!

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