Кошмариум Board game

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Despite the scary and horrible monsters that are in the game, it is a nightmare-fun board game. Gather and train your monsters to defeat others. Do not be afraid, however, on the contrary - be afraid of monsters, both your own and others, this will make them stronger, and you may develop immunity to nightmares and dreams.
Кошмариум In the board game we arrange a monster:
All 108 cards in the board game are made up of monsters, each of which consists of three cards: legs, body, and head. Try to arrange these cards vertically - here are your monsters as well. Also, all monsters are divided into 4 legions: necromancules, caterpillars, chimeras and constrictors. Try to assemble a monster consisting of cards of one legion, so it will become more powerful.
As soon as you assemble the monster, its combat skills indicated in the upper right corner of the card will be activated. If you assemble a monster from one legion, then your opponents will lose one or two cards from their monsters.
Кошмариум Board Game Goal:
In the game, the player who collects the first five monsters wins. This player will be awarded the monster-military rank of Mr. Nightmare.
What lies in the Koshmarium board game box?
  • 108 Night Fear Card - A monster is arranged in threes.
  • > 5 player book where monster traits are briefly described.
  • > Letter with the title "Secret", which tells the story of the institution of sleep.
  • > Short rules with examples of assembly and use of nightmare properties.

Age: 9+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 5
Game Length: 15+


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