Бешеные Псы Board game

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Бешеные Псы Board game is based on the classic mafia, which has been greatly refined after 20 years of evolution. Unlike the traditional mafia, you have more metaphorical discussion here, bluff is also more interesting, it is less likely that you will leave the game at the beginning, it lasts until the end of the intrigue, you have lots of extra items like outfits. Unlike "resistance", which develops in a more deductive way - rabid dogs are mostly bluffed.

Бешеные Псы Board game contains:

• 24 role cards (honest cop or werewolf);
• 16 outfit cards (various useful items, such as mine, cookie, etc.);
• 4 gun cards for those who throw;
• 2 cutting cards to mark the wounding of the group leaders;
• Senior Investigator Card to find out the most active player;
• 5 card holders;
• Rules of the game.


Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 8
Game Length: 15+

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