Мафия Board game

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Classic board game on intuition - Mafia Night. Lots of roles - unforgettable evenings! 

Mafia is good for playing in medium and large companies when you need good fun. The game is perfect for parties and meetings!
This game is one of the most appreciated among psychologists and businessmen, because it very quickly gives a fairly tangible ability to communicate real in difficult situations. If you can convince others in this game, then none of the negotiating issues will create a problem for you.
Board games develop the ability to recognize people, the ability to manage public opinion, rhetoric, the ability to behave in conflict situations, and enhance many other communicative qualities, so it is considered the best game for those with some connection to politics, PR, and journalism.

Age: 15+
Minimum number of players: 6
Maximum number of players: 10
Game Length: 60+

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