Мафия Board game


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"The city is falling asleep ...
The Mafia is waking up " 
Classic Mafia game. 19 roles, including 3 new roles!

The strengths of Мафия Board Game Publishing are its illustrations. Just look at the character cards. Each is unique in its character, embodied in such detail as if copied from a real person. It not only decorates the game, but also contributes to the confrontation between the Mafia and the civilian population.

In addition to ordinary civilians, mobsters and commissars, Мафия board game has special roles:

  • Mafia boss, intrigue, ninja - belongs to the mafia.
  • Moonlight - does not sleep at night and sees everything the Mafia does.
  • Maniac - Everyone can play their own game.
  • The sergeant, sheriff and judge are civilians who are responsible for order, checking their assumptions and voice.
  • Doctor - can save a player from death.
  • Putana - prevents players from using their role features.
  • Talking Spirit - Communicating with eliminated players.
  • Journalist - spies on one of the players.
  • Defender - Protects all characters from any player.

Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 5
Maximum number of players: 16
Game Length: 60+



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