Memo. Весь Мир Board game

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All the famous board games for memory development - "Memo". This version contains some of the most famous sights in the world - well, do you all know? 

Memo. Весь Мир Board game will help you develop your memory. You need to collect as many pairs of cards, ie. Two cards with the same picture. Put the cards on the table. Memo. Весь Мир The youngest player starts the game and moves clockwise. The players of the board game turn over two cards so that everyone can see the pictures depicted on them. If the pictures on the cards are the same, the player receives them. He can continue playing until he finds cards with the same pictures. If the pictures on the cards do not match, the player turns over the cards and the move goes to the next player sitting on the left. The player who collects the most paired cards at the end of the game wins.

Age: 5+


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