Мемори "Ферма" board game

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Memory "Farm" (Мемори "Ферма") - a useful game for the whole family, which develops visual memory, attention and perception. This is a classic training board game with intuitive rules. It differs from other similar games by its excellent design. Here each animal has its own character.

Memory "farm" (Мемори "Ферма") board game Play quickly and easily. The cards are shuffled and placed so that no one can see what pictures are on them. The first player rolls two cards. If the images on them are identical, he will pick them up and turn over two new cards. And if the pictures are different, it is necessary to return the cards to their places and move them to the opponent. The course is transmitted clockwise. The winner is the one who collects more identical pictures than other players.

Age: 4+
Minimum number of players: 2+
Game Length: 15+


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