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Монополия Board game is so popular that "Mr. Monopoly" - the character of Monopoly - even won the title of Man of the Year, and in London for almost a month there was a game where real estate was bought and cars were driven in the colors of classic 1946 models of the game. Painted.
Монополия The board game process, using a simple and accurate model, describes in detail the main stages of the formation of large financial structures: buying and selling land, monetization, competition, "problems" with taxes, the process of obtaining a loan and the court. There are many coincidences in "Monopoly", which makes it more interesting.

Монополия Board game includes:
Kochi - 6 pcs
Holder cards - 28 pcs
Card "Chance" - 16 pcs
Card "Public Treasury" - 16 pcs
Gambling money stack
Green House - 12 pcs
Red House - 12 pcs
Dice - 2 pcs
Rules of the game

Age: 9+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 8
Game Length: 120+


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