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The world's most famous economic strategy "Game of Thrones" in the world. Will you be able to conquer Westeros?

Monopoly. Игра Престолов Desk In the game you move around the map, buy real estate such as Craster Castle, King's Landing, Night Stronghold. It is obvious that castles in this medieval world are much tougher than modern ones, and the treasury bills of each kingdom are emptied into the wallets of ordinary merchants. But this is very cool: the game can give you financial help in the form of winning tournaments in honor of kings and queens, or with the spell "drakaris". But when you get to places that have already been bought by someone, you have to pay the owner a "rent". So try to conquer castles and ferries in the board game, make money and stay in the final the only king of Westeros who has not gone bankrupt.

Age: 18+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 6
Game Length: 60+


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