Monsieur Carrousel board game

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Monsieur Carrousel is a cooperative game. Work together to help all the kids on the carousel before it rains!
Roll the dice, select a child that is not yet on the carousel, and place it on an empty chair that matches the raised color. Make sure you remember the type of child seat!

Then rotate the carousel. What is the weather like when the carousel stops? If your child finds himself in the sun zone of the toy board, you will take a yellow stick - this is the sun's rays - and place it on the board. If your child is in the rain zone, add a raindrop to the Monsieur Carrousel board.

Monsieur Carrousel The board game ends when either all the children are on the carousel, or all the raindrops are placed on the game board.

Age: 3+
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 6
Game Length: 15+

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