Манчкин Базовый Цветной Board game

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Manchkin game is the localization of Munchkin board game.  

So, the board game "Munchkin" is a role-playing game in the form of a parody. Манчкин Базовый Цветной Board players walk to the dungeon, take away the disgusting population and either repent of it, or get a new level and treasure to win. The outcome of each such adventure (fight, in short) depends on who came into battle with what. The player has this level and bonuses / penalties for speed, class, race and curse. For the monster these are level plus boost cards and disposable items. Where did the monster come from? Манчкин Базовый Цветной Board game Jealous rivals in your battle can also take part in your battle: they can help the monster and weaken it. So while you can play Manchkin together, pick more people for the match: in your hands will be more curses, amplifiers and medicine that make it very easy to change the balance of power in any direction in battle, and sober envious people will not let any of you go for a fourth victory. With the only leaders in the level.

Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 3
Maximum number of players: 6
Game Length: 30+

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