Murder Of Crows Second Edition Board game

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Murder of Crows invites you to become the first player to utter "murder" - but fortunately you will not have to!
In the Murder Of Crows Second Edition board game, you use the word spell instead. Each player starts with five cards in hand, and in turn the player either (a) takes two cards or (b) draws one card and plays one card. In addition to the Wild Crow card, which can do anything, the cards come in five letters, each with a special power when playing this card:
M - Misplace: Take one card from a player's murder - this is a collection of his cards on the table - and add it to your deck.
U - Uncover: All players open their cards and you take any card and add it to your deck.
R - Reap: Take one extra card.
D - Drain: Select one letter. All players, if possible, drop the cards of this letter.
E - Expel: Everyone tosses a card and gets three new cards.
When an opponent's card hits you, you can drop the Murder of Crows card - as indicated in the upper left corner of the card - to gain immunity!
Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 5
Game Length: 30+

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