Няшка board game


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"ნიაშკა(Яя) - Excellent humorous game for parties, the best game of 2016 version "Granicona". In it, players are presented with completely different gifts: from new superhero comics to nightmares. All players, except the anchor, receive one card from the stack in their turn: "What?""What is he doing" და "how?". There are funny, meaningless, weird words and word combinations on each of the four sides of the card. This allows players to spin the cards when arranging a gift description. When players choose gifts, they secretly place the description in front of the presenter. Jubilee (who has a birthday) has three token points in his hand. He distributes tokens according to his preferences among the gifts. Points are accrued to the donors. Няшка The board game is won by the player who knows how to choose the best gift!

Няшка Board game contains:


  • 90 Gift Card
  • 18 cards „I want"
  • 3 voting tokens
  • GameRules

Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 3
Maximum number of players: 10
Game Length: 15+


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