Party Alias ​​board game

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Party Alias ​​board game party continues!
This is everyone's favorite game "Elias Party", in which you need to explain, guess and lead the team to victory. Do you want to spend time in a large circle of friends as much fun and crazy as possible? "Elias" will help you! If you are a guest, you can bring it as a gift to the host, or buy it for yourself and take it with you to any party.
Party Alias ​​Board Rules are simple:
Each team (or player, if you play in a small circle) gets an ankle. You take a card with a word, mark the time and open it, do not use monosyllabic words. The number in the field is the number of the word on the card that you need to explain. No matter how many words you say in one minute, your ankle will move as many steps on the field. Of course, there are penalty points as well, so even the luckiest team can be overtaken.
Party Alias ​​board game contains:
> Playground with rotating arrow,
> 6 players colored anvil;
> Hourglass;
> 250 cards with words;
> 50 cards with assignments;
Game Rules.
Age: 15+
Minimum number of players: 4
Maximum number of players: ∞
Game Duration: 60+

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