Мастер Вечеринок: Дорожные Игры Board game

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Become a master of any party Мастер Вечеринок: Дорожные Игры with board games! One small box and thirty-eight games for any road trip. Among them, you will definitely find a game that you will love! Each card in the board game is the rules, description and name of the game. Traditional games, most of which were born in the USSR and loved by many generations. Of course, all these games can be played both at home and on trains, in cafes, in nature, etc., they do not limit you in one way.

Мастер Вечеринок: Дорожные Игры After memorizing some of them from board games, you can always surprise and delight your friends with fun.

Мастер Вечеринок: Дорожные Игры Board game Total 33 cards included.

Age: 6+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 16



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