Мастер Вечеринок: Зимние Игры Board game

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Мастер Вечеринок: Зимние Игры Board game for the whole family! Pick up the card, read the rules and play! There are 33 games in the team and each of them is interesting in its own way. Please note that some games are designed for a large company and some may play, for example, a second. Also, in some games you will have to train yourself, for example, to get to the golf club, skates, stick or carrot. And most importantly, do not forget to wear a hat!

Age: 6+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 16

33 games in a hat!

Чтобы играть в эти игры, вам понадобится снег. Or people. Or, better - and that, and something else. And this is exactly what a good swing company can do. In the set - cards with rules 33 winter games in the fresh air.

Winter Games

How to play?

Take a card, read the rules, play. There are 33 games in the list, and one of them is more interesting. Pay attention, some games are read by a larger company, and in some it is possible to play, for example, second. Кроме того, для ряда игр вам понадобится Prepare - for example, get a cup, cognac, bat or carrot. And, most importantly, do not wake up hoping!

Winter Games

Who's your cards?

  • For games in the yard instead of children with children
  • For the winter solstice
  • For games with friends on winter outfits
  • Чтобы намылить коллег
  • And just like that, you can quite remember the rules of a pair of games - and you can not just stick snowballs, but also build what is not mindless in nature!

Winter Games

What went wrong and what happened?

Lots of fun games, in which games have been played on our side for centuries. Naturally, exactly with the eighth century after 1990, plus a couple of new ones. Prichёm some games, which were played in the XVIII century, played, especially in ancient times - apart from the fact that the rules are often adapted under the enlightened society. And the ancient Russian winter party "moan on the moan" did not take place, the rules of which do not come up much for a pony or a safe winter game. But our ancestor is very angry. In some promzonah, kstati, k эtoй igre otnosяtsy ochenь serьёzno.

Winter Games

What's in a winter game?

  • 33 cards with games in the fresh air winter
  • A card with a description of what the general rules and general rules are
  • All this in a small basket, moving in a barn machine, in a carpenter's jacket or not a sumo bag.

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