Ловушка Для Пингвина Board game

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Ловушка Для Пингвина is a fun game for children and the whole family from 3 years, which is very popular in Japan! Board game is simple, short and unexpected: you can do it while waiting for lunch, between assignments, during a break in the garden and at school, with your grandparents. Little kids, of course, love board games that have lots of cool components instead of cards and you can even destroy them! Ловушка Для Пингвина becomes especially popular when you assemble it with your own hands. At the same time, fine motor skills are developed, which means that children activate the nervous system, go into balance and develop useful skills. You put all the pieces of ice on the bottom of the ice, screw your feet in, put them on the table and start playing.
Age: 3+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 4
Game Length: 15+

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