Замок загадок puzzle

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Building a beautiful knight castle is every boy's dream! And what if building a castle is not only an exciting game, but also an excellent exercise for logic and ingenuity? Puzzle Castle (Замок загадок) is such a game. Build a castle from pieces of wood, according to the supplied quests, block-by-block, tower-by-tower! To do this, you need to use your mind and cleverness, because the towers have different diameters, and the blocks - different holes, and only one correct answer can be! This wonderful 3D puzzle game is designed for kids ages three to eight, but adults sometimes have to do the puzzle on a particularly challenging task! For children 3-8 years. The game develops spatial and visual perception, as well as flexibility and concentration of thinking.
Castle of puzzles (Замок загадок) In the puzzle you have to build castles, blocks and towers.
Age: 3+

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