Ёрш Компакт board game

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Plan to go out in nature or with a fun home party with friends! good job! Didn't you take the board game with you to "Yor" ?! No ?! How are you going to have fun ?! A board game in the nation designed to make a boring party fun while a fun one exciting! Don't forget to take the not-so-big and expensive box called "Yorshi" with Asero.

Ёрш Компакт Board game.
There is a whole stack of cards in "Yore", but not simple, but 94 alco-cards of the task. Can't you do it? - Drink fine! If you complete the task - you get vigilance points and one of the 48 bonus cards.

მიზрш Компакт Board Game Goal
Yours is one of those games where the key is not the win but the process. However, if at the end of the game, any of the players has the ability to count and compare numbers, then the winner will be declared the one who has the most vigilance points.

Ёрш Компакт Board game contains:
  • 94 Assignment Card
  • 48 Prize Card
  • 8 White Bear Card
  • Rules of the game

Age: 18+
Minimum number of players: 4
Maximum number of players: 9
Game Length: 30+


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