Науки с Буки "Удивительные иллюзии" (12ыпытов) - Experiment

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Optical illusion, like magic tricks, will entertain not only children but also adults. Discover the realm of curved mirrors and unusual drawings in a new amazing set of amazing illusions for you and your child. Your brain will instantly stop perceiving images correctly, entering the world of amazing and fantasy shapes and drawings. Optical illusion will long captivate the child and immerse him in the wonderful world of illusions.

Науки с Буки "Удивительные иллюзија" board game includes 12 experiments to combine specific colors, shapes and patterns. Illusions are created by distorting images with mirrors and light. Your baby will feel like a real magician, surprising you and your friends with an extraordinary experience.

Age: 6+
Minimum number of players: 1+

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