Эрудит "Магнитный" board game

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A new look for a childhood favorite toy for memory training, vocabulary and vision! Эрудит "Магнитный" Board game Magnetic erudite is more useful than magnetic chess: there are many letters, they like to roll on the table. And here no flight, you can play wherever you want, even on your knees.

Эрудит "Магнитный" is the best game among childhood games: you have to make up the words from the letters you come across, place them in a crossword puzzle field where the words intersect horizontally and vertically. You can continue someone else's words, and use star spools to change the required letter.

Эрудит "Магнитный" board game contains:

  1. Magnetic play field,
  2. 131 ankle letters,
  3. 4 ankle brackets (also magnetic, before you think the letters will go nowhere),
  4. For the transportation of trolleys,
  5. GameRules.

Age: 6+
Minimum number of players: 2 
Maximum number of players: 4 
Game Length: 30+


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