D&D 5.0 ​​- Starter Set Trpg board game


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Everything you need to start the best board role-playing game in the world! Explore underground labyrinths! Grab the treasure! Fight the legendary monsters! Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kit - is your way to imaginative success stories. This box contains the basic rules as well as everything you need for the dangerous adventures of heroic characters in a fantasy world. D&D 5.0 ​​- Starter Set Trpg Board game box contains the essential rules of the game, as well as everything you need to play heroic characters in dangerous adventures in the fantasy world. Explore underground labyrinths! Rob the treasure chest! Fight the legendary monsters!
D&D 5.0 ​​- Starter Set Trpg Board game contains:
- Five characters
- Six dice
- One Adventure Book: The Lost Shaft Fander
- One guide
- A sheet of one of the characters
Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 4+
Game Length: 120+

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