D&D Castle Ravenloft Board Game


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In the board game D&D Castle Ravenloft, the host of Ravenloft Castle is planning a party - and you are an invited guest! This fortress is erected among the dark forests of Barovia, overlooking the village, which is full of frightened inhabitants, and all around - a continuous thick fog. The owner of the castle, Count Stradd - a vampire, night and all creatures of the night - belongs to him. At D&D Castle Ravenloft As long as Strad is alive, Barrow and the land around him will never be safe. A group of heroes in the D&D Castle Ravenloft board game has just arrived in Barovia and found itself in the trap of Ravenloft Castle. The heroes bravely enter this prison to finally solve all its mysteries. The danger is high, the monsters are terrible, and only the brave heroes have a chance to defeat Count Strad and his allies! At D&D Castle Ravenloft, each player chooses a hero: Ranger, Evil, Warrior, Clergyman, or Magician. In turn, each player can explore the castle even more (turn over new tiles), move around the already explored parts of the castle, and fight monsters.
Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 5
Game Length: 120+

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