Крошечное Эпическое Приключение Board game

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Крошечное .пическое Приключение Board game offers players adventures in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. According to the game's story, the goblins opened a portal through which they plunged into the lands of elves, and players led teams organized by another to invade their world.
In the board game, each round consists of two phases - day and night. During the day, players travel the world on foot, by boat or by boat, on horseback or on a griffin: they visit villages where they complete tasks, places to concentrate forces, explore powerful spells, mushroom groves to get artifacts. Since the number of moves for each type is limited, players need to think about how they should have time to visit all the necessary places and accomplish their goals.
In the board game, artifacts give heroes unique abilities - they facilitate travel, combat, or the consequences of bad luck while throwing dice, and allow you to control a spell.
At night, players spin the dice, hoping for luck (click on your luck) and wondering when to stop, save progress, and relax as a new day ensues.
The board game ends when the portal is closed or all the goblins that managed to get into the land of the elves are dead. The leader will win in terms of points, and they will be rewarded for killing goblins, learning spells, and completing assignments.
Age: 14+
Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 4
Game Length: 30+

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