Башня - 54 Бруска Из Бука Board game

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Башня - 54 Бруска Из Бука is an abstract but interesting board game that gained great popularity at the end of the twentieth century and is still relevant today.
Башня - 54 Бруска Из Бука At the beginning of the game, all the bars are laid out in three blocks. During the board game, participants must rearrange and remove the bars from the tower so that the tower does not collapse. The game will require logical thinking, manual skills and dexterity. Try to figure out which block you can take so that the tower is not endangered. If the structure collapses on your side, then the player in front of you wins. Башня - 54 Бруска Из Бука Board game contains 54 details.
Age: 5+
Minimum number of players: 2+
Game Length: 15+

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