Валера, Верма И Сегодня Board game

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Валера, Верма И Сегодня In the board game your best friend is an inflatable Valera. Together you will perform as many actions as possible. Reflect scenes from the movie or show any other situations. The rest of the players have limited time to guess your actions. In case of time expiration or if players are familiar with the action, the move then moves to the player. 
After 4 rounds, the one who has the most points in the board game wins! And Valera, what a relief we ask you, Valera always remains a winner! 
Валера, Верма И Сегодня The board game set also includes the addition of "Return of Valera", in which you will find a lot of cool tasks (namely - 96 new cards). Call your friends, pick up Valeria and have a great time!
Age: 18+
Minimum number of players: 3
Maximum number of players: 8
Game Length: 30+

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