Werewolf The Party Game Board game


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Werewolf The Party Game In the board game werewolves terrorize your village! You need to find them and eliminate them as soon as possible. You, the villagers, will hold a city meeting every day to vote for the Maxine Lynch. Do the right thing and you can survive. You did wrong and you are in danger because every night the werewolves come out to feed another sleeping village ...
This set contains unique cards that you will not find anywhere else.
Werewolf The Party Game Each set of board games comes with 36 high quality cards and instruction manuals in the Werewolf logo. Here are: 3 werewolves, 2 doctors, 2 clairvoyants, 18 villagers (9 men, 9 women), hunter, vigilante, child, magician, alpha wolf, 2 sweethearts, druid, performer, Zombie Wolf and moderator card.
Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 7
Maximum number of players: 36
Game Length: 30+

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